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Two Girls Meet On The Road And That Is How It All Begins!

United by their unwavering passion for adventure and love for travel, two women embark on a journey to create a company dedicated to crafting bespoke travel experiences.

“Their mission?” To cater to couples, friend groups, and families seeking custom itineraries and curated packages.

With an impressive five years of experience in the travel industry, TGE Travels stands out as the top choice for travellers seeking unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences. Proudly boasting its status as a rare gem in the travel industry, this company is owned and operated by fearless women who redefine wanderlust with a touch of sass. And let’s not forget, they’ve got more stories to tell than your favourite sitcom, ensuring each trip is nothing short of memorable.

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The Joy Of Travelling

Did you know that there is a village in Meghalaya where their inhabitants are called by tunes, not names?

Or were you aware of a unique art form practised in Kutch, Gujarat, that isn’t practised anywhere else in the world?

Or did you know that Bhutan’s GDP is determined by its people’s happiness?

Exploring the thrill of travel entails immersing oneself in the captivating narrative of each destination. At TGE Travels, we specialise in delivering immersive experiences that delve deep into the cultural and historical tapestry of every locale. Our meticulously curated itineraries provide travellers with intimate encounters with local communities, traditions, mouth-watering cuisines, and vibrant lifestyles, ensuring unforgettable journeys filled with meaningful connections and enriching discoveries.

Plus, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate champions of uncovering hidden gems—whether it’s unique accommodations, off-beat locations, or exhilarating activities, we weave them seamlessly into every tour.

With TGE, standing for The Great Escape, embarking on a journey with us is akin to hitting the “Escape” button, propelling you from the mundane routine into a world of excitement and unforgettable moments. Rest assured, our tours come with a guarantee: laughter, cherished memories, and a collection of quirky anecdotes that might just become the highlight of your travel tales!

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Who Are We?

Picture this: It’s 2016, and two trailblazing adventurers, Reetu Yadav and Jamila Kapasi, decide the world needs a dose of their outdoor expertise. With more mountain conquests than they can count (or so they claim), they join forces to birth TGE Travels. But we’re not your average travel agency—we’re more like the Avengers of Adventure, with Reetu and Jamila leading the charge against boring vacations everywhere! And as for our team? Well, let’s just say we’re the Robin to their Batman, the Hermione to their Harry—making magic happen behind the scenes, one witty quip at a time. So strap in and get ready for a journey filled with laughter, fun, and maybe even a unicorn sighting or two!

Meet The Team

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Jamila Kapasi


Introducing the one and only “Jammy,” our resident trekking guru, With over a decade of exploring tucked under her belt, she’s practically on a first-name basis with every mountain in the region. Tea connoisseur, stargazing expert, and mountain whisperer, Jammy ditched her interior design dreams for a life under the stars. Just be warned, her karaoke skills are as pitch-perfect as a cat in a thunderstorm—so buckle up for a musical adventure like no other!

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Reetu Yadav


Say hello to Reetu, the mountaineering maestro who traded in her engineer’s hat for a trusty pair of hiking boots. For the past eight years, she’s been chasing sunsets and summit views, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspired travellers in her wake. Now, she’s living her best van life, armed with nothing but a campfire, a dog, and a killer recipe for masala chai and Maggi. Trust us, one sip, and you’ll be begging for seconds (and thirds)!

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Batul Joher

Sales Head

Enter Batul—she’s a pro at juggling home life, design projects, and thrilling escapades! With the multitasking skills of a superhero and the sales savvy of a smooth-talking ninja, she’s the powerhouse of our team. But don’t be fooled by her business attire—underneath, she’s a wanderer at heart, always itching for the next big adventure. So pack your humour and get ready for a ride filled with laughs, and teamwork.

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Anjan Barman

Operations Head

Anjan Barman is more than just a Travel Operations Head; he embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. Known for his reliability and readiness to assist in any situation, Anjan is the go-to person for all things travel-related. Having found his calling in the travel industry, Anjan is driven by a desire to share his expertise and experiences with others. With Anjan at the helm, travellers can rest assured that their adventures will be well-planned, safe, and enriched with local insights.

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